About us

EUROSPRINTER – Book Publishing and Distribution Centre

Why buy with us?

  • we have many years of experience
  • books bought directly from are guaranteed to be unopened and in best condition
  • we are happy to advise
  • we are reliable (both in terms of the highest quality of our books and in the way we prepare them for postage/ treat our customers' orders)
  • we can offer competitive prices compared with the size/quality of our books
  • we are passionate about what we do...
  • each customer receives a free, full-colour catalogue
  • buying directly supports the publisher and motivates us to produce more books, including those loss-making and printed in a smaller number of copies.

Publishing services for companies and institutions:

We are also happy to publish books or catalogues ordered by companies or institutions, for example on anniversaries, trade fairs etc. Please contact us if you are looking for an experienced publisher related to transport in Poland, DTP or or collecting relevant illustrations. A customers receives a finished book. Please contact us if you are looking for a publisher, we will send you free copies of the books that we produced so far. A book that is to be advertising your company for years should not be printed by an inexperienced publisher. These days it is not difficult to publish a book, we can prepare books that one can be proud of.

Our achievements

So far we published as many as 36 books and 2 DVDs, leading the transport books market in Poland. Many of our titles became sought after best-sellers, reaching high prices on the secondary market once sold out. We were the first to publish a Railway Atlas of Poland, a real digest of information related to Polish railways and at the same a must for railway infrastructure managing companies, railway operators, designing and consulting companies, as well as railway enthusiasts in Poland and abroad. We initiated two series of railway related books: The most interesting railway lines in Poland and Railway junctions.

Who trusted us?

Our work is our passion - contacting clients, typesetting, printing and finally distributing our books. Until now we published books ordered by or in cooperation with such renowned institutions as: PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA, PKP Przewozy Regionalne, PKP Cargo S. A., PTKiGK Rybnik S. A., Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego w Warszawie, MPK Lublin, PKM Katowice Sp. z o.o., MPK Kraków Sp z o.o., Tramwaje Śląskie S. A. and many others. All the above mentioned companies can confirm, that our publications were of the highest quality.

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